About Miliaceum

Miliaceum is an independent Publisher:

using the service of print-on-demand companies to produce books where and when they are required. This is a positive strategy that reduces waste and environmental impact.

Miliaceum was established in 2019. The first title published by Miliaceum was ‘Promise & Fulfillment – formulas for real bread without gluten’.

Miliaceum is a Latin word for millet. Millets are grasses of the Poaceae family, and they include finger millet, proso millet, foxtail millet, pearl millet, red millet, little millet, and sorghum. They are one of the main food sources for over half the population of the world. Millets are hardy plants requiring little by way of agricultural inputs, and less rainfall than many crops. They can grow in marginal farming lands and environments unsuitable for other crops. Millets are often short season crops.

Millet seeds are often small and highly nutritious. Miliaceum was chosen as the name of this enterprise to provide a model and a goal for our work.